ssr - strategic supplychain redundancy - AHEAD THROUGH ACCESS

Platinum Group Metals



Blockchained framework powered through the open source Consortium for developing Business blockchain Technologies hosted by the Linux Foundation, out of a varitiy of specific Frameworks from diverse Global communities collaboratively developed for open source projects, that uniquely approach Enterprise blockchain challenges. These Technologies can cross-channel and interoperate just like how the communities driving the Project's and collaborate in an open and neutral environment. 


These new solution approaches in the form of unified Frameworks enables an enterprise-grade permission to distributed Ledger platform, through witch an infinite range of possibilities can be achieved -  modularity and versatility for a broad set of Industry use cases. The modular architecture for the specifique solution of the next future, unifies the diversity of Enterprise use cases through Plug and Play components such as consensus, privacy and membership services.


One of the many compelling framework features is the enablement of a network of networks. Members of a network work together, but because business is need some of their data to remain private, they often maintain separate relationships within their networks rather than an open permissionless system. 


The diversity of tools offers a modular scalable and secure platform that supports private transactions and confidential contracts. The plattform helps members manage confidential obligations to each other without first passing it through a central Authority that way personal data isn't available to the entire network. If a member is not an agreed-upon party, the transaction shouldn't appear on their Ledger. 


This architecture allows for Solutions developed with architecture to be adapted for any industry the sesh ring in a new era of trust transparency and accountability for businesses. Start with blockchain architecture today by implementing the advantages through solution of the next generation and achieve more than yesterday.


Blockchain is changing business, industries – and even the world convening business networks where everyone can win. Blockchained solution reflect more than technology. It’s a movement to help supplychain solution to redefine most important business relationships through trust, transparency and newfound collaboration.


Supplychain key stratgies through blockchained technologies of the nearest future help to trace responsibly produced raw materials - using blockchain to validate responsible sourcing is a game-changer. Today’s multiplex supply chains need to be more transparent and efficient.


End-to-end visibility with a single version of the truth in a supplychain is what every business would like to achieve.  With the evolution of electronic data interchange (EDI), companies went from everything manual to paperless transactions.


EDI is the foundation of digital transformation in the supply chain of any business. As technology matures with time, demands from business increases - more effectiveness, compliance and profitability. Blockchain has the potential to turbocharge and solve many of the problems plaguing today’s supply chains.