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Platinum Group Metals



We do not participate in violations of the law third, still criminal, fraudulent or corrupt practices in a country. We strive for such misconduct through training programs and a prevent strong leadership to theirs Support internal guidelines, procedures and controls have been developed.


A conflict of interest exists when the objective exercising a person's professional duties be influenced by a private interest could. Everyone who works for SSR must actual and, if possible, obvious or avoid potential conflicts of interest. We need SSR's legitimate interests protect by doing our job duties properly meet. Any concern regarding an actual or potential conflict of interest or ambiguous Situation must immediately the appropriate supervisor, manager, or one Compliance coordinator will be reported.


Receive contractors, suppliers and partners Orders under a fair, formal Procedure, which may be in writing formulated requirements based on of our values and principles.


Bribery exists when a financial or other benefit is offered, granted, approved, requested or accepted as an incentive or reward for the non-compliance of a person's function, or if acceptance of the benefit in itself would constitute an action contrary to duty. You may not solicit, accept, offer, provide, or approve bribes directly, indirectly, or through third parties. Suspicion of a potential bribery attempt must be reported to a manager, supervisor or the respective compliance coordinator as part of the "Report a concern" program.


A public official may offer small amounts of money to enable or expedite a process that is within his area of responsibility. Such payments are often referred to as acceleration payments and are not permitted. All contacts with public officials must be transparent in order to avoid situations in which there may be a suspicion that an official is being given an incentive to perform his duties contrary to his duties. Further information regarding such matters is contained in our global anti-corruption policy; the respective compliance coordinator also provides information.


Anyone who works for SSR - Strategic Supplychain Redundancy and does not comply with applicable SSR - Strategic Supplychain Redundancy anti-corruption laws and guidelines may face disciplinary action that may result in dismissal.


We do not allow funds and resources of the company to use one political campaign, a political party, a political candidate or related Support organizations.


We do not use charitable donations to replace payments to political groups.


We are committed to complying with the principles of competition law.


We expect everyone who works for SSR - Strategic Supplychain Redundancy to understand, avoid violating, and ensuring that suppliers or business customers do not engage in anti-competitive activities that could harm our company or our reputation.


We provide our vulnerable employees with special training and guidelines on illegal acts and practical measures that can be taken to comply with the regulations.


Sanctions are laws, regulations and mandatory measures that are issued by state authorities in relation to individual states, regimes, companies and private individuals. Such laws, regulations, and measures may directly or indirectly restrict transactions in goods, services, payments, and capital transfers or the transportation of people. They can also include other prohibitions, permits and reporting requirements.

You must observe and comply with the applicable sanctions


Money laundering is a process whereby the source of money generated by illegal activities is obscured and brought into the economic cycle under the impression that it comes from a legitimate source.

We do not participate in money laundering or other illegal practices, nor do we support third parties. We encourage and support anyone who works for SSR to report a suspect that a current or future business partner may be involved in money laundering to a supervisor, a manager or a compliance coordinator.


We have put in place systems and procedures to ensure that internal or confidential information about SSR is safe and secure

  • is accurate and material information that is likely to affect an investor's decisions regarding a transaction in the Company's securities;
  • are not yet published information;
  • is information directly or indirectly related to SSR or another company with which we do business or from whom we want to buy securities;

  • and information that, if published, would have a material impact on the price of our securities.

Insider knowledge should not be used to determine when to trade securities. Employees or contractors who have inside knowledge of SSR may not trade our securities. You may not share this information with anyone, including family members.


Confidential information about listed companies that are not SSR - Strategic Supplychain Redundancy may also be Insider Knowledge. Anyone who works for SSR - Strategic Supplychain Redundancy and receives such information about another company in the course of his or her activity is subject to similar restrictions with respect to that company's securities.