Magnesium is one-third lighter than aluminum and it improves the mechanical, 

fabrication, and welding characteristics of aluminum when used as an alloying 

agent. It is used for aerospace, satellite and missile construction. Magnesium 

compounds, primarily magnesium oxide, are used as refractory material in furnace 

linings for producing iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, and cement. High 

purity magnesium is found in dietary supplements. Magnesium is available as 

metal and compounds with purities from 99% to 99.999% (ACS grade to ultra-high 

purity). Elemental or metallic forms include pellets, rod, wire and granules for 

evaporation source material purposes. Magnesium oxide is available in powder 

and dense pellet form for such uses as optical coating and thin film applications. 

Oxides tend to be insoluble. Magnesium fluoride is another insoluble form for 

uses in which oxygen is undesirable such as metallurgy, chemical and physical 

vapor deposition and in some optical coatings. Magnesium is also available in 

soluble forms including magnesium chloride, magnesium nitrate, and magnesium 

acetate. These compounds can be manufactured as solutions at specified