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Platinum Group Metals



We are aware that our global activities can have a direct and indirect impact on the environment. In all activities, we strive to minimize any negative effects on our environment in accordance with the precautionary principle.


Our operations are geographically widespread and diverse, and include exploration, production, recovery, processing, storage, transportation, and marketing of natural resources and agricultural products. Our potential impact on the environment depends on the different groups of raw materials or production locations. As part of our business activities, the environmental impacts of our planning, management systems and day-to-day operations are identified, analyzed and reflected on.


We observe the applicable laws, regulations and other requirements in the area of ​​environmental management. If these are less stringent than our own standards, we apply our higher standards.


We preserve and protect the environment through a variety of proactive initiatives, which include the efficient use of energy and water, waste reduction, emissions reduction and the protection of biodiversity. Throughout our activities, we conduct ongoing consultations with local communities and other stakeholders to ensure that we are doing our jobs appropriately. Operational closings are carried out responsibly with the aim of making the final use of land sustainable.


We show a sense of responsibility for the country, the fresh water resources and the biodiversity of our host countries. Our mining and agricultural operations are not active in regions that are listed as World Heritage Sites.


We are aware that our activities can have an impact on water resources. We constantly monitor the amount and quality of the water that we need for our processes and operate a responsible wastewater disposal system. We involve the communities in which we operate to ensure sustainable and equitable access to water.


Our activities can affect air quality. We monitor the emissions and dusts generated by our operations and use exhaust air purification systems to ensure responsible air quality management.


We operate responsible waste management. We regularly check the integrity of our locations in order to reduce the risk of serious events.


We are aware of growing pressure from society and regulators to reduce carbon emissions in the face of climate change. We work proactively on our energy and carbon balance and support the development of low-emission technologies. We work with policymakers and others to drive the development of the most cost-effective ways to reduce global emissions while meeting the need for affordable energy in developing countries.