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We believe it is important to actively involve our stakeholders and to keep in touch with them. We are committed to regular, open and conscientious communication with our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, local communities and investors, as well as with the relevant associations, governments and other stakeholders.


We communicate with all stakeholders in a fact-based, timely and constructive dialogue. We inform the relevant stakeholders about matters that affect our operations and activities. The exchange with our stakeholders supports our decision-making process.


We regularly exchange information with governments on issues that affect our operations and business activities. Our efforts to maintain open and constructive relationships with governments enable a regular exchange of opportunities, restrictions and concerns related to SSR - Strategic Supplychain Redundancy's business and marketing activities. Communication with governments is done exclusively through the appropriate senior management or authorized personnel, and all information exchanged must be accurate and clear.


Our communication is subject to the obligation to disclose for listed companies. Public announcements may only be made by the authorized speakers