Corporate governance accompanies our spirit and represents the legal and factual 

frameworks for the management and supervision of the company for the benefit of 

all relevant stakeholder groups. The concept of the Openlegder and the 

associated blockchain technologies enable unquestionable transparency  

through smooth operating process. Corporate governance regulates the 

relationship between the shareholders, the board of directors and the 


Corporate Governance (CG) describes all principles and rules that can be used to 

steer and monitor the structures and behavior of senior executives.

In Switzerland, the "Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance" - the 

guideline of the economic governing body "Economiesuisse" - and the corporate 

governance guidelines of the Swiss stock exchange Six Swiss Exchange are the 

most widespread. "

The central topic of CG is the relationship between shareholders as owners, the 

board of directors and the operational management. The basis for this is the legal 

duties of the Board of Directors, with the requirements of the Board of Directors, 

including SMEs, becoming more and more complex and complex. Corporate 

governance means more than mere compliance with legal requirements. It is also 

useful for medium-sized companies to follow the principles of good corporate